Why Québec needs independance from canadian fake Empire

The only reason Quebec is in Canada today is because of a military invasion that occurred over 250 years ago. 

That is the fundamental fact about Canada: it is the product of war, of conquest, not consensus
And that war is still going on, against minorities such as the (founding) French and the Natives. 

The two main weapons in this war are intimidation for most Quebecers and bribery for a small clique willing to sell out their country for personal gain. 
The traitors are well-known. Trudeau, Chrétien, Dion, Desmarais, Charest and others do their utmost to preserve the empire because it’s profitable for them to do so.  
The Canadian people themselves play an important part by approving, tacitly or otherwise, the repressive measures taken by Ottawa. 
Indeed, Trudeau never would have invoked the War Measures Act if he didn’t think he could get away with it politically.
The dual combination of intimidation and bribery means that the Canadian empire rests on fear and greed. 
The independence of Quebec would not only liberate Quebec, but it would also free Canadians of the mental straightjacket necessary to keep their fake empire together.   


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