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Vancouver Olympics: Québec alone wins 10 of 16 « canadian » medals

At the Vancouver games, Canada won a record 26 medals.

Thanks to Québec athletes whon won 10 of those 16 « canadian » medals.

Those who made the games website must be the same anglo-saxon morons who slapped all Canadian francophones in the face for the whole world to see, during the ceremonies: don’t try to find they native city, not even province!  « Place of birth: Canada ».  Oh wow, that’s brilliant!


CANADA without Québec (pop. 26 millions):    16 medals




QUÉBEC AS  INDEPENDANT COUNTRY (pop. 8 millions) :    10 medals

(4 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze). 11th rank between France and Swiss.

Long live free and independant Québec!

« Yes we can! »  😉