A call from the heart to the immigrants and the Natives in Quebec

Dear immigrant friends,

You came to live to Canada, more precisely in this country, Québec, that we built since our French ancestors came to create Nouvelle-France (before it was called Canada). They were the first immigrants in this country which was then occupied by the Amerindians but not organized or developed.

You seem to like the « concept of Canada ». But could it be that what you really like in Québec, enough to come live here, is in fact the « concept of Quebec »? It would be no shame for you to recognize it for yourselves. And your integration in our society would only be more harmonious.

Thirty-five years ago, the National Assembly of Québec voted a law, by democratic ways, officializing French as the national language of our nation and future country. This is the mother tongue of 82% of the population which welcomes you (approximately 60% in Montreal), and which is known by 94% of the population.


French is the official language in 28 countries, is known/spoken by more than 300 million people, is official language at the United Nations, is the language par excellence of diplomacy and of love.

The French majority of Quebeckers cannot learn the multitude of languages brought here by the immigrants. It would be more logical whether it is the opposite. Don’t you think that mutual respect would be easier in this way? Regrettably, many allophones immigrants prefer to adopt English, the minority language in Quebec.


Québec is a magnificent country which only asks to be recognized as such, and it will eventually happen in a official way. The founding French majority of Québec and Canada is holding out its hand to you, the allophones immigrants tempted by the delusion of English (and of the Canadian Anglo-Saxon culture which has not much to do with progressive Québec).


I realized, rather lately, this fact: I have several friends whose origin is not from Québec (« people of color »). And nevertheless I assure you that when I hear them speak French, I do not see any more  differences between us. Language is the foundation of nations and cultures. In Québec, it is French. 


We are holding our hand to you and to our native nations which are better treated in Québec than anywhere else in Canada, to continue to develop this magnificent country of Québec, with pride, dignity, in peace and democracy, all of us collected around a very beautiful common language which is French according to the law, one the five official languages at the United Nations.

English as second language is not forbidden! We are not at war against English, we want to protect the founding French nation of Canada, against the efforts of English Canada that wishes to eradicate it. You must understand that English represents, to the French majority of Québec, the language of a minority who historically have oppressed the French culture in Canada and in Québec.


This deal’s on you. We wait for you. Let’s join.

Long live free, democratic, French Québec, already a nation of the world.

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